The Sun Shines Once More!

Two years after the dreadful uprising of the foul creatures referred to as The Buried filled the world with perpetual storms and constant threat of attack, our heroes are again brought together. Is the world in peril once more? Probably not. Possible Apocalypses don’t just happen every couple of years, you know. That’s not to say that there isn’t adventure yet to be had, profit to be gained, and guards left to piss off (here’s to you Alder!) though. After all, before the uprising they each had set out on their own personal quests, and while fate brought them together to defeat The Buried, they can now escape the grasp of destiny and continue to lead their own lives.

Fate is a fickle being though, and she may still have some games to play.

This is the continuation of an earlier campaign not hosted on Obsidian Portal (Summary: Uprising Recap). Despite how horrendously out of date this campaign page is, the campaign itself has been completed.

Uprising: Aftermath

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