Arjen Leland (deceased)

A warrior with as many weapons as holes in his back.


While alive, Arjen was a Jack of all Blades, a homebrew prestige class designed for warriors who changed what weapon they were using in the middle of combat. Now he’s just a corpse.


Short version for time’s sake: A young Arjen watched as all of his closest friends were slaughtered in an ambush and was tricked by Shade into thinking that his father had planned it. He set out to become a master warrior. He was assigned to the party by the guards in one of the cities in Pelinthrad to basically babysit them. They broke him mentally when he realized that the best hope for the world were some of the most horrible blasphemers he had ever met. Eventually he decided that killing Shade would likely be a good idea. Shade responded by stabbing him repeatedly in the back. Biography ends.

Arjen Leland (deceased)

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