Soruyugameru Colleibrar

Victorian mad alchemist


Soru is a young elf, with long, dark hair that she wears tied back in a knot. She wears victorian style clothing. Her closest friend/assistant/familiar is her cat, Sehn.


Soruyugameru Colleibrar (Soru or Soruyu for short) had always been a quiet child. She was born in the small mountain town of Fayfair to a pair of upper middle class artisans. Fayfair’s most distinguishing feature was the presence of a semi-skilled alchemist, Esmour Malyns, a city half elf had relocated to the mountains for the balance between being isolated and close to nature (he always believed it was best for one to gather one’s own supplies) and the basic support a community could give. Noticing Soru’s intelligent nature and her lack of enthusiasm for art, her parents sent her to be educated by Esmour. Soru’s quiet nature made him believe they were kindred spirits, and when he observed her intelligent, inquisitive nature he offered her a full apprenticeship. Soru accepted his offer with nothing more than a kurt nod.
Soru soon proved to have an even greater aptitude for the art than Esmour anticipated, and even picked up the basics of magic by observing him (though he didn’t know this). She continued to experiment and research on her own, and her progress astonished both her teacher and herself.
Several years passed and Soru continued to progress quickly in the alchemical arts. Esmour had begun to rely on her more and more, and had resolved to begin educating her in the arts of magic. Through these years however, Soru never felt any particular bond to Esmour or anyone else and became more and more withdrawn. Just when Esmour was going to begin training her in magic (though she had already picked up far more than he could have guessed), he and Soru began to rapidly drift farther apart.
It began when an owlbear was wandered into the village square following the scent of freshly butchered meat. Soru and Esmour were purchasing several items that they couldn’t gather in the woods and observed the whole affair. The owlbear attacked and killed a merchant and several bystanders before two travelers passing through town arrived on the scene and killed the beast. For the first time since Esmour had met her, Soru expressed genuine interest in something, though that thing was the creature. Soru’s complete disregard for the pain and death the creature had caused troubled him, and he tried to push it to the back of his mind, but Soru’s interest had been piqued and she began asking questions he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. Soru soon realized this had cost her much of her teacher’s opinion of her, and didn’t pursue it any further with him.
Soru’s mind couldn’t stop dwelling on the subject however, and she began looking for answers in other places. Esmour’s library had many books that held knowledge of anatomy and alchemy, and she began to study like she never had before.
Another few years passed, and Soru had slowly come to a better understanding of the art she referred to as “life-crafting”. Soru began to experiment, though her knowledge was too inadequate to actually succeed in what she was attempting.
Esmour discovered her experiments, and flew into a rage unlike any Soru was used to seeing from her kindly mentor. Soru fled, but her had to leave her notes and work behind, hidden in an alcove of the shop Esmour didn’t think to search. Soru laid low for a few days, but knew continuing her research meant retrieving her things and leaving to find the knowledge she needed.
By night, Soru snuck into Esmour’s shop and was in the process of gathering her things when Esmour discovered her. When he tried to cast her out, she unexpectedly attacked and caught him off guard. Soru didn’t triumph with the might of her magic, for although she was talented Esmour’s years of experience were not inconsequential. Soru killed her old mentor through a combination of foresight, planning and luck, and fled the town with not only her things, but what she had liberated from the shop before she burned it to the ground.
Soru traveled quickly with the horse and cart that had once belonged to her teacher, constantly checking over her shoulder for anyone who may have suspected and followed her. She eventually reached the lowland forests, and there was set upon by highwaymen.
Soru struggled with the bandits, but they quickly overcame her and the only reward for her efforts was a grievous wound in the side. Fortunately, a young human woodsman came upon the scene and drove off the bandits. He brought Soru back to his cabin, where he nursed her back to health.
Soru healed quickly. Her knowledge of herbs aided her in her recovery, although she was left with a nasty scar on her right side. Soon Soru could walk again, albeit shakily, and she began to accompany the young ranger on his frequent hunting trips. Soru watched him and how he worked, and with a few pointers from the ranger began to pick up the art of tracking, among other survival skills. Once she was fully healed, she left him and continued on her way without a word of goodbye.
Traveling East, Soru eventually reached her destination: Miren. In this city Soru was able to establish a living selling alchemical items and tried to keep a low profile while continuing her research. Unfortunately, several years after she arrived a misogynistic young nobleman applied for wizard guild membership. This nobleman antagonized Soru, and she reciprocated his scorn. This lasted for several months until the nobleman denounced Soru as a wizard. Soru challenged him to a duel and he accepted.
Hiding her true abilities had always been second nature to Soru, and the nobleman hadn’t expected her to put up a fight. Soru overpowered the junior wizard and killed him shortly after the duel began. While the guild had sanctioned the duel and Soru was acting legally in using lethal force in a formal duel, she earned the enmity of the nobleman’s family. In a twist of bad fate, the city’s mayor died soon after the duel and the brother of the deceased nobleman was chosen as his successor. After a “friendly visit” from the newly appointed mayor during which the conversation remained “perfectly civil and proper” without any decidedly violent undercurrents, Soru decided it would be prudent to leave town.
She traveled South, staying in each city for a few years before moving, eventually reaching Claremont. Her journeys with her “A-Team” shall live in infamy.
Over the course of her journeys, Soru has redeveloped the magical art of Histomorphy (the art of creating new life from existing life). She tries to keep it quiet, but is comfortable in the knowledge that even with her practice of this art she is one of the less blasphemous members of the party.

Soruyugameru Colleibrar

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