The Prophecy

The transcript of the prophecy that Athelwolf received from a traveling gypsy. Eventually I think either myself or someone else will update this with player speculation about what each part means, but for now it’s just the bare basic transcript. The events within this prophecy have already played out, but for history’s sake I’ll be keeping it here.

PC version:

Full Text:

A noble wife will lose her life
With child in her womb.
A gifted son, who raiseth none,
Yet leads them from their tomb.

The Boy will grow, though few will know
Of his power most great.
One score and one, the time will come
To train him for his fate.

A shadow spun across the sun
The Boy begins his rise.
Darkness descends, the Eagle’s reign ends
The Buried again see the skies.

Though falls the Shade, his soul never fades
Broken, he stands again.
The Boy dons his helm to conquer the realm
That once belonged to men.

His warriors appear and quickly draw near,
Eager to start their fight.
Knights lacking breath, soldiers from death,
An army of the night.

The Buried will fight to destroy the light
The Boy’s army will spread.
When fighting is done, the dead having won,
He’ll sever his ever cursed thread.

The Prophecy

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