Uprising: Aftermath

The Lunaris Carnival

Men, Madames, Mages, Mercenaries, Monsters and Machinations... Welcome, to my Carnival!

Throughout the 25 Realms there are two major carnivals that attract crowds from across the continent: The Solaris Carnival, and The Lunaris Carnival.
Alder Lebarge and Soruyugameru Colleibrar, met shortly after their independent arrivals, Soru having been attracted by the promised array of creatures, and Alder scouting for possible recruits for his coven to be. While waiting for the day cleanup to end and the “true” carnival to begin they encountered their old acquaintance Aris Hobbes, who instead of stating his reasons for arriving made an escape from the presence of the other two at the first chance he got.
Shortly afterwards, the entrance tent opened revealing rows of benches and a singular stage at the front. Once all of the night’s visitors had found a seat, a man in a finely dressed suit appeared on stage, introducing himself as Mr. Lunaris, the owner of the carnival. He gave a short speech and then opened up the tent’s rear flap, allowing access to the carnival’s attractions.
Will be finished later.

Algron Swiftblade



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